10 reasons to have surgery with Dr. Nieto

Dr. Nieto has specific training in the subspecialty having completed an American Society of Oculoplastic Surgery (ASOPRS) fellowship program, something that is very difficult for foreign doctors to access and that very few European ophthalmologists have been able to do. In addition, Dr. Nieto has complemented his training with the European references of the specialty. Subspecialization is the only way to achieve excellence in every branch of medicine. The development of Oculoplastic Surgery as a differentiated subspecialty has allowed a great improvement in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases affecting the periocular area, as well as the improvement of blepharoplasty techniques towards a less invasive and safer. No one knows the anatomy of the eyelids better than a specialist in the field.

Thanks to his training as an ophthalmologist, your eye health will be in good hands. We believe that an ophthalmologist is best suited to perform surgery around the eye. Dr. Nieto trained as an ophthalmologist at the largest university hospital in Catalonia, Hospital Vall d’Hebron. This hospital also has a great opthalmologic tradition and has produced great ophthalmologists of world renown.

Dr. Nieto is exclusively dedicated to Oculoplastic Surgery. He combines his activity in re-constructive surgery in public medicine with his private re-constructive and cosmetic activity. His exclusive dedication allows him to treat a large volume of patients and be in constant search of new improvements for the specialty.

We receive a large number of patients who want a blepharoplasty, this has allowed us to perfect not only the surgical techniques but also the care process to make it easier and more comfortable for the patient.

If you are looking for an oculoplastic surgeon, choose one who can prove his training. Dr. Nieto is the first Spanish ophthalmologist to have completed a subspecialty program of the American Society for Oculoplastic Surgery (ASOPRS). He is also a member of the European (ESOPRS) and American societies of oculoplastic surgery. This membership is reserved for experienced and dedicated oculoplastic surgeons. Dr. Nieto is also accredited by the International Council of Ophthalmology and the United States Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates. He is also a member of the Spanish Society of Ophthalmology and the Barraquer Institute. Choosing a well-trained and accredited surgeon does not guarantee a perfect result, but it does identify one who has met strict training requirements.

The cosmetic patient is a healthy person, so the occurrence of complications that may compromise eye health is especially traumatic in these patients. The best way to avoid complications in a blepharoplasty is to prevent them, and this is achieved through careful planning and attention to small details. Dr. Nieto will always seek the best solution for your case without risking your eye health. If you are not a good candidate for blepharoplasty, Dr. Nieto will recommend you not to operate.

Dr. Nieto is committed to research and innovation in the treatment of patients in his specialty, both in the cosmetic and re-constructive fields. As a result, his publications and his presentations in courses and congresses.

Having surgery with Dr. Nieto is not more expensive than in other centers, in fact, it can be cheaper than many others. We also offer tailor-made financing through La Caixa’s Finconsum so that you can pay for your surgery in convenient instalments.

If you decide to have surgery with us, you will always have the possibility of contacting Dr. Nieto directly if you have any doubts or problems. Dr. Nieto believes that performing a blepharoplasty implies accepting a degree of responsibility that cannot be limited to the act of surgery, so after the intervention he will always be the one who closely controls your evolution.

We are conveniently located in one of the best clinics in the city of Barcelona, Clínica Corachán, with easy access by private or public transport. Corachán Clinic was chosen in 2010 as the best private clinic in Catalonia in the Top 20 Awards, which reward medical excellence.

También ofrecemos servicios en un punto clave del centro Madrid en el Instituto Oftalmológico Gabriel Simón, que es una clínica oftalmológica de excelencia que desde hace muchos años es una de la referencias en oftalmología del país. The clinic has five floors and more than 1500 m2 of surface area, including its own operating rooms.

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