What is Asian Blepharoplasty?

Anatomical differences between the western and eastern eyelids. Asian blepharoplasty is the surgery of the upper eyelid in Asian patients who wish to smooth their oriental features. Also known as double eyelid operation. This surgery is different from upper blepharoplasty, since in this case, since there is no excess skin, no (or very little) subcutaneous tissue is removed.

What are the characteristics of Asian blepharoplasty?

Anatomy of the double eyelid Many people of Asian origin have an upper eyelid without a crease, a distinguishing feature known as “one eyelid”. The size, shape of the eyelids, eye area, and nose have different features from Westerners. and it is for that reason that this type of intervention must be performed by a specialized surgeon, who by means of the Asian blepharoplasty, will create a fold in this eyelid by means of a simple and fast plastic surgery procedure. To do this, the procedure must be performed by someone who knows for sure where to make the incisions, how much tissue and fat to remove, and where to locate the fold. In the Asian eyelid, the eyelid crease is located at a lower point (closer to the eyelashes) compared to the western eyelid. The height of the palpebral fold determines the height and depth of the upper eyelid groove. When we have a low crease, the skin hangs from a lower point and also the orbital fat prolapses more externally. That is why these eyelids, besides being more covered by skin, are seen as more “full”. Sometimes the fold is even absent, so that the skin of the eyelid rests on the eyelashes without any anchorage point.

Who is Asian Blepharoplasty for?

The patient with the most marked Asian features is usually the one seeking this type of surgery, and is usually a woman under the age of 30. It is important to note that the Asian patient is not looking for a western eyelid, but wishes to soften his features while maintaining his orientalism. Asian blepharoplasty does not equate the patient’s eyelids to Western features, but rather softens the racial features of his gaze, where the torn eye is less accentuated.

What does the surgery consist of?

As we have already indicated, the Asian double eyelid surgery is a specialized but relatively simple and non-invasive procedure that allows modifying the “torn” appearance of the upper eyelids. The procedure is similar to upper blepharoplasty, but they should not be confused. Asian surgery basically consists of creating a fold at a higher height than the existing one, so that the skin is more collected and a slight furrow is formed allowing a small amount of eyelid to be seen above the eyelashes. This requires the creation of an anchorage of the skin with the orbicularis muscle to the lifting muscle by means of stitches. Sometimes it is also necessary to remove a part of the fat pack from the upper eyelid.

What is the recovery like and what are the results?

Asian blepharoplasty has been practiced since 1800 and since then surgical techniques have advanced so much that, today, Asian surgery is often performed as outpatient surgery under local anesthesia, allowing the patient to return home on the same day. During the first week after Asian blepharoplasty, the care and discomfort are also similar to other eyelid surgeries.. There may be swelling, some bruising and some discoloration during the first few days; but following the surgeon’s indications, this discomfort will disappear after a few days, as the blood circulates in that area in a regular manner and recovers adequate mobility. And except in extreme cases, there is no pain involved. Due to this post-operative recovery, we cannot assess the results immediately. During the first few days, the new fold may also appear higher than expected, but it is part of the process. After one or two months, the fold will be completely accommodated in the desired situation. In addition, the incisions will always be hidden, as in any other upper blepharoplasty, so they are hidden in the fold itself. If you are looking for a specialist in this aesthetic intervention, Dr. José Nieto is one of the most prestigious surgeons in Spain and is exclusively dedicated to Oculoplastic Surgery, with extensive experience in Asian blepharoplasty cases. He combines his activity in reconstructive surgery in the public sphere with his private reconstructive and cosmetic activity, which allows him to be in daily contact with different patients and at the forefront of the latest advances.

Asian Blepharoplasty before and after
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