Having a blepharoplasty in Barcelona

blepharoplasty barcelona Blepharoplasty in Barcelona is the most common aesthetic palpebral surgery. Many people are interested in it because it effectively corrects fully visible defects, since few details can be hidden in the face and especially the eyes focus attention. Blepharoplasty operations in Barcelona are the most recommended way – always under medical advice, of course – to end the bags and excess skin and fat that accumulate in the eyelids, both upper and lower. Blepharoplasty removes and redistributes that excess tissue and gives the face a more youthful appearance, always looking for the naturalness of the result. And with the comfort of having a clinic with great specialists in Barcelona. The Corachán Clinic, where oculoplastic specialist Dr. José Nieto operates, makes access to such a consultation very easy for patients, so that the whole process becomes closer and more comfortable for anyone interested in blepharoplasty.   Corachan Blepharoplasty Barcelona

Who is a blepharoplasty operation indicated for?

Blepharoplasty, also known as eyelid surgery, is the option many people choose to regain a fresher face, to which eye bags and excess tissue add years and fatigue. When a patient undergoes this type of intervention, he/she expects good results and a surgery that restores a face more relieved of the effects of time or of genetics itself. Why does fat and skin accumulate on the eyelids? The reasons may be because of a genetic part. There are individuals with a greater tendency to accumulate tissue in the area around the eyes and the effects become noticeable. On the other hand, the passing of time as well as the aggression of external factors on the skin are the other great cause behind the bags and the excess of tissue on the eyelids. The skin around the eyes is the thinnest in the whole body (it is between 300 and 800 microns thick) and that is why all the agents affect it most notably. Thus the eye contour is one of the first areas to show signs of aging and also one of the most sensitive areas for phenomena such as eye bags.

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