Nanofat: Regenerating treatment for dark circles under the eyes

The Nanofat technique consists of the extraction of the patient’s own fat by means of a small liposuction in the umbilical area and its filtering to obtain only the stromal portion of the adipose tissue, for its infiltration in the desired area.

To simplify, we can consider that adipose tissue contains two types of cells, fat or adipocyte cells, and stromal cells, which include stem cells. These stem cells from the stromal portion have a great capacity to regenerate tissues. Given the easy accessibility to adipose tissue and its high concentration of stem cells, it is the ideal donor for obtaining this regenerating preparation. Nanofat treatment of dark circles under the eyes is not a filler with its own fat, since the adipocytes are eliminated in the filtering process. It is therefore also exempt from the known risks of lipofilling in this area, mainly the appearance of lumps or irregularities. It is a regenerative treatment with stem cells obtained from the stromal portion of the adipose tissue. The candidates are mainly those who present an aging of the area of the dark circles, especially if they present pigmentation in the area. They are patients who are not candidates for a lower blepharoplasty since they do not have excess fat, but rather they have mainly dark circles under their eyes. Sometimes it can be done in conjunction with a lower blepharoplasty. The treatment is also applicable to the entire facial region, to the neckline ,or to the treatment of unsightly scars.

How is the treatment performed?

nanofat, preparation of extracted fat

Since the volume of fat needed to perform the treatment is small (about 10cc), minimal liposuction is required and it can be performed under local anesthesia without the need for an operating room. The disturbance in the area is minimal. Once the fatty tissue has been extracted, it is filtered, in a process lasting a few minutes, and prepared in syringes with very fine needles since the resulting product is liquid and very easy to handle. Post-operative period The treated area will present some swelling, especially during 1 week, but it can be made up from the first moment and it is always less than that of a blepharoplasty. The patient will be able to lead a normal life. The definitive effects of the treatment will appear with the passage of weeks and even months, since the integration and differentiation of stem cells is not immediate.

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